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Getting started

Be part of the community. Before using the StepOut App you have to sign up like on any other social media platform. Click on the signup button at the bottom of the login page and sign up.

You can also signup via the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Therefor click on one of the two buttons below.


Home overview

On the homepage the journey begins. The maps will show the users all locations nearby. By clicking on one of these locations the StepOut app will open a venue with different buttons and display all recommendations on this place. Here our users can share their location and recommend the place by clicking on the button "Post". Clicking on the button "Show on map" will redirected the user to the address on e.g. apple maps. If the users what to remember the place for later use they can click on the "Mark" button and the place will be saved on the profile page.

The users can also adjust the search by clicking on the settings in the right top of the header. There the users can change their location, the places they are looking for (e.g. bars, restaurants etc.) and the radius they wish to search in.


The trending page

On the trending page the users can experience a random overview of places, locations etc. nearby. These random feature will help the user to find some activities if they do not know what they want to do exactly. After choosing one place the user can click on the "View on home" button to see where the place is and use the venue features.

To help the user and limit the options there are different filter to chose from. In any chase also if the used filter do not work the app will give random results.


The profile page

On the profile page the users can view their location shares, the marked places to plan visits in future and view their follower (friends).

Users can also set the general settings on the profile page, invite friends or connect their profile with social media like facebook, instagram or twitter.

What’s new
Recent updates and new features


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Now only available for IOS user on the apple app store. Coming soon for Android user on the google playstore.